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XCOM VHF Trike Information

The XCOM has been hugely successfully in both the Trike and Gyrocopter markets over a large number of years.

Both of these specialty markets have very unique and special applications which fortunately suit the XCOM perfectly.

Most of the pilots flying trikes or gyrocopters are using helmets manufactured by Flycom or LYNX both based in the United Kingdom. XCOM has a really good working relationship with both manufacturers and we provide complete installation packages to suit either system. It really does become the very simple process of plug and play as they say in the computer industry.

If you wish to use the XCOM in either a trike or a gyrocopter without using a helmet and specialty headset then there is no problem because the XCOM radio with its inbuilt intercom has the ability to handle these installations with almost all conventional aviation headsets, the only restriction being that direct wind must be kept off the microphone to allow the VOX intercom to work correctly.

ELA Gyroplanes use the XCOM as standard equipment


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