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The XCOM VHF Remote application provides an easy mechanism for managing the configuration options for your XCOM VHF Transceiver.

The application provides an easy means of modifying the configuration options without the need to navigate the menus built in to the transceiver. It also allows easy programming and storage of channel memory information.

This application is supported on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. It has not been tested on earlier versions or other operating systems.

The XCOM VHF Remote application is fully supported for use against XCOM VHF Transceivers with software Version 1.20 Build 0052 and later, limited functions are supported for build 45 and later software versions.

Earlier versions of transceiver software may not support the full functionality of this application and users connect and use the application at their own risk. Should you wish to update your radio then please contact XCOM Avionics for information on how to have your radio updated.

A serial Interface cord is needed to connect a computer to your XCOM radio and details of this can be found at the bottom of this page.

The XCOM VHF Remote application is a simple to use program giving full control over the radio options and operation. Following are three screenshots of the main navigation menu.

The Front Panel page simulates the operation of the XCOM VHF Transceiver by issuing
control commands to the radio and receiving updates to the screen display.

The Memories page shows a list of all programmable memory channels with the associated frequencies and descriptions.
This display can be edited directly or manipulated using the RADIO | MEMORIES menus.

The Configuration page provides a simple means to modify the settings of the XCOM VHF Transceiver without the need to traverse the menus within the radio. Each item is updated immediately so it is possible to modify the settings while using the radio to see what impact each has on the radio operation.

Serial Interface Cable Details

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