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XCOM Remote Head

XCOM Remote Head

Introduced in 2006 the XCOM remote head option attaches to the RS 232 port on the back of the XCOM radio, this is ideal for aircraft with tandem seating or aircraft with side-by-side seating where they would like access to the radio by both the pilot and co-pilot.

The connection between the remote head and the XCOM radio is a simple cable allowing all of the controls on either panel to duplicate themselves on the other panel e.g. if the pilot in the front seat of the aircraft adjust the radio to 123.45 then the display in the rear also adjusts to show 123.45. If the copilot in the rear seat makes any adjustments or changes to the remote head it will also adjust the radio in the front seat.

All of the XCOM features can be duplicated with a remote head option.

Boeing Stearman XCOM Remote Head tandem seating
Aircraft like this Stearman owned by Billy Walker from Phoenix Arizona
are ideal applications for the XCOM Remote Head.

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