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XCOM Portable Base Station - Specifications

Designed for multiple uses.

Can be used as a self contained Portable Radio, a Mobile Radio or Desktop base station.

Flexible internal Battery re-charging.

A Switch Mode Power Supply is built into the XCOM Portable so that the internal battery can be recharged in the vehicle, by using the supplied cigarette lighter lead, without the need to have the vehicle engine running. Reverse polarity protection is provided.

The supplied A.C. charger will provide a rapid charge mode to fully charge the battery from flat in approx. 8 hours then automatically reduce the charge current and be left connected to ensure that the battery is maintained fully charged without being overcharged.

Indicators on the Charger indicate “Charge” and “Complete”.

The A.C. battery charger can be disconnected when it is not needed

e.g. Portable or Mobile, to reduce weight when the Radio is being carried.

The battery has been selected to provide maximum operational time (approx. 40 hours, varies with duty cycle) between charges, consistent with keeping the weight to a reasonable level when the Radio is being carried. The Radio’s LCD backlight can be switched off to extend battery life.

A front panel “Charging” indicator is provided to confirm that the charger is correctly connected.

Separate fuses are provided to protect the charging circuits (accessible without opening the case), and the XCOM (internal).

The Radio will operate normally while the battery is being re-charged although this will extend the time required to fully charge the battery.

When the Radio is operated without a charger connected, a built in battery status monitor provides an easily interpreted indication of the amount of charge and therefore usable time remaining before re-charging is required.

Easy optimum antenna selection.

Can be used as a Portable or Desktop base with the supplied telescopic antenna or an external antenna as appropriate. Radio is fitted with an industry standard BNC connector.

The Telescopic Antenna can be rotated to the optimum vertical position for either Portable or Desktop operation.

* It is recommended that telescopic antenna is NOT used in a vehicle to ensure the safety of vehicle occupants. An external antenna will also provide maximum range. A Magnetic base antenna available as an optional accessory.

Rugged design and construction.

Antenna and Power connections are on one side of the all metal case to provide ease of access and protection from damage.

No connections on the base of the case allow maximum flexibility when used as a Portable or Mobile. E.g. as a Mobile can be placed in the glove compartment or standing on the floor of the vehicle.

Only the frequently used mic, headset and PTT connections are located on the front panel.

The carry handle rotates to become a stand to lift the front of the case, when the Radio used as a Desktop base, to allow easy viewing of the Radio’s LCD display and convenient operation of the front panel controls.

A canvas carry bag is available to allow hands-free carrying and provide protection to the Radio. The Radio can be operated as a Portable in the carry bag because the clear plastic flap allows the front panel to be viewed. Pockets are provided to store the accessories.

Choice of operating methods.

Can be used with:

  • The supplied Fist microphone and internal Loudspeaker
  • Fist Microphone and Headphones (internal speaker can be switched off if desired)
  • Standard Avionics type Headset in a noisy environment.

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