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Glider Operations - An XCOM specialty market

With low power consumption, the ability to monitor both the active and standby frequencies together, memory channel scanning and extended receive range the XCOM radio has found a exceptionally strong and loyal following in the glider market.

Up until 2008 we produced a specially modified version of our radio for the glider market. The main difference between a glider radio and the standard radio was a modified speaker amplifier which worked down to very low voltages and still provided lots of volume.

The popularity of the XCOM radio in the glider market now means that every single radio we produce (from serial number 2200 and above) has the glider modifications included as standard which means that no special glider radio version is needed, every customer now receives the same XCOM radio.

Additionally, there are several things you can do to your radio to reduce the power consumption during flight. Turning off the XCOM's internal intercom is just one way of saving power because this is not typically used in a glider installation and although a marginal power saving it will make your batteries last longer.

The XCOM radio uses an amplified boom microphone and it's our recommendation to use the boom microphone that we sell. The XCOM has been tested with different brands of microphones with mixed results but we guarantee the XCOM boom microphone works perfectly.

Following is a suggested wiring diagram for glider installations.

XCOM single seat glider wiring diagram
XCOM dual seat glider wiring diagram

There are several specialty suppliers to the glider markets including Cumulus Soaring and Wings and Wheels who are stockists of our products and glider specialists and finally a large number of commercial operators use XCOM in their glider fleet including Soaring NV

For more information on glider installations please don't hesitate to contact XCOM Avionics.

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