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XCOM Radio Features

The XCOM VHF Transceiver is one of several innovative avionics products released by XCOM Avionics. Based on a similar format to the very successful Microair and Becker radios, the XCOM VHF Transceiver offers many advanced features and build quality previously only available in the more expensive panel-mount brands.

Designed from the ground up for Sport Aircraft and General Aviation aircraft, the XCOM offers superior performance under the demanding and noisy conditions experienced in many amateur built and light aircraft. With low power consumption, this radio is ideally suited for use in gliders, homebuilts and ultralight aircraft and even aircraft with no electrical system where heavy power consumption may be a problem.

Transmitting a full 6-Watt carrier and >18 Watt PEP output ensure that you will be heard above the general chatter in busy airspace and the full VOX intercom with music input will enhance your enjoyment of the flight. With expanded receive range up to 163 MHz, the XCOM receives NOAA Weather ensuring that you are always aware of impending weather conditions ahead.

Additional safety enhancements such as dual watch allows the pilot to listen to the standby frequency while still monitoring the primary frequency. The XCOM also has 99 memory channels, large volume and channel selector knobs and well spaced buttons. This radio is extremely easy to operate even when wearing flight gloves and you can even check the condition of your battery with the built-in voltage monitor.

Manufactured in the USA, serviced and repaired in the USA, Australia and Europe the XCOM offers superior quality, enhanced features and improved performance over many of the more expensive airband radios including traditional sized panel mount radios.

Features, value for money, reliability and performance have quickly established the XCOM as the standard radio for light sport aircraft use and are offered by many manufacturers as standard equipment in their aircraft.

Loaded with features and performance

Digital volume and squelch controls from front panel

Digital volume and VOX intercom controls from front panel (same Volume Squelch control , but activated by mode button when required)

2 place VOX, voice activated intercom , with pilot over ride and passenger isolate (pax can listen to CD music whilst pilot listens to com). CD music has auto fade, turns off if comm is receiving or reduces in volume if pilot or pax talk

Remote toggle (toggle active or standby via a push button on the stick, or scroll memory channels)

TX timeout (stuck Mike) which times out after 30 seconds, re-enable by releasing PTT. (can be overridden in setup)

99 channels of user defined memory channels with quasi alpha numeric display

Quick, single push access to Emergency channel 121.5

10 NOAA weather channels for receiving NOAA weather broadcasts

Dual Watch - allows monitoring of the active and standby frequency, active always has priority

User enabled wide receive mode - allows monitoring of frequencies between 137 and 163 MHz, in 12.5 kHz steps. These can be stored in the memory channels. Additionally 108 - 118 VOR channels, no navigational data - receive audio only

RS 232 interface allows interfacing of radio to Multifunction displays (MFD's) or remote computer, allows connection of remote head and remote module

Garmin Speak, XCOM frequency selection can be controlled through a compatible Garmin GPS

Low battery alert, user selects level to alert for under voltage (default is 11.0 Vdc)

High battery alert, user selects level to alert for over voltage (default is 14.5 Vdc)

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